Happy at home! Zoe Saldana sat down with Extra’s Mario Lopez to talk about the new Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 2 film and her life at home as a mom. The Avatar actress, 38, and husband Marco Perego are the parents of twin boys Cy and Bowie, 2, along with their youngest baby boy, Zen, who they welcomed in February of this year.

When asked about her plans to continue growing her family, an adamant Saldana responded saying, “No, no, no. Three is enough!”

Lopez joked that between her husband and three boys, there must be a lot of testosterone in her house. “So far, they are still very little, thank God. My husband is such a sensitive person, and he’s so Italian and flamboyant that thank God we don’t have testosterone issues,” the Avatar actress replied. “If anything, I am the one that comes a little too strong and hard. I know my years are numbered, when that day comes and I’m like, ‘Hey, guys!' and they’re like, 'Can you move, Mom?’”

Last week, the star spoke in a similar vein to The Daily Telegraph’s Stellar saying, “It’s funny — people tell me this all the time, ‘You have a house full of boys.’ I’m excited, I’m curious, I’m nervous, but I’m accepting this challenge. I come from a family of women, of matriarchs, and we’ve survived many things. We’ve learnt. We’ve overcome. We’ve achieved.”

She continued, “I’m just excited about this adventure and getting to explore the opposite sex from the inception. The moment I found out I was pregnant with twin boys, I thought I was empathetic towards men [already, but] the empathy that grew in me and the curiosity to get to know men more is infinite.”

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