How about getting rid of your wrinkles once and for all, and basking in the glory of glowing ageless skin? And imagine not even going under the knife to achieve it. Let’s welcome the Dracula Therapy or the Vampire Facelift. But as the name resonates, the treatment is not for the faint-hearted.
It involves using components of your own blood to rejuvenate your skin. One is injected with his/her own blood for a faultless skin. Though the therapy is new in India, it is widely being used abroad. Most face-fillers in the market rely on artificial materials making it hazardous for health. Since only natural components are injected here, the process is pretty safe. With minimal recovery time and zero side effects, the therapy is capturing a lot of frenzy.

The treatment is mainly the domain of plastic surgeons, but as it is an easy procedure, many doctors are practising it in their clinic. Dr Sumit Saxena, a plastic surgeon at Inlaks Budhrani Hospital, Mumbai, says, “We use it as an optional therapy for patients who refuse to go under the knife for cosmetic purposes. The therapy is used for facelifts and reducing fine lines on the face.” It can be used to treat any forms of fine lines around the mouth, dark circles around the eyes, damaged skin due to exposure to the sun and crow’s feet. The super-easy technique is also used to prevent hair fall.
Poonam Tiwari, a Bengaluru-based software professional, says, “Due to my work schedule and excess stress, I was undergoing a lot of hair fall. A friend told me about the treatment and I was impressed with its low cost. I went for one sitting, paid around `10,000 and it was done. It’s a little painful though.”

Blood is drawn from the patient, and then platelets are separated from the blood. This along with the various natural fillers is then injected into the areas which the patient has requested such as cheeks, mouth and under the eyes. The process needs around 30 to 40 minutes and one sitting is enough.
Dr Richie Gupta, Senior Consultant, Department of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Fortis Hospital, Delhi, says, “After the treatment, there is redness for one day and internal healing takes place in seven days. Most people opt for it as it has no side-effects and the overall process cost around `15,000. I get around 10 to 15 patients every month between 30 and 40 years.”
The key ingredient for the Vampire Facelift is the platelet-rich fibrin matrix, which is derived from the patient’s own blood before being mixed with other factors. These properties make platelet-rich fibrin matrix an ideal natural serum for rejuvenating facial skin quality. It  increases collagen production and blood supply, and triggers new skin, thus creating a natural youthful appearance. Depending on the individual’s response, the effect can last for over a year.

Mumbai-based dermatologist Dr Vibhavari Nigale says, “I have used this therapy on people between 20 and 30 years who were suffering from severe hair fall, receding hairline and premature ageing. I am using this therapy for the last six months and the results are promising.”
It may sound like stuff straight out from Vampire Diaries, but it is scientifically proven that infusion of young blood can reverse signs of ageing. Researchers believe young blood may contain natural chemicals that turn back the clock to rejuvenate the ageing brain.




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