Today, Sutro is once again pushing the limits of the pool industry. Sutro is proud to announce the Sutro Drone Chemical Service (SDCS for short).

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, April 1, 2017 / — San Francisco based Sutro, which builds a water monitoring device for your swimming pool is launching a new service that uses drones to deliver chemicals.

Currently, pool owners need to test swimming pool water with a test kit, compare colors, drive to the pool store, buy chemicals, and then treat their pools. Sutro understands this pain-point and aims to fix all of these issues. Sutro has already built a device to measure the pool chemistry, solving the first half of the pool ownership battle.

Today, Sutro is once again pushing the limits of the pool industry to solve the latter half of the pool ownership journey. Sutro is proud to announce the Sutro Drone Chemical Service (SDCS for short). Drones will be deployed off of planes or local distribution centers, fly over your pool and drop small amounts of chemicals of your choice into your swimming pool or spa.

For your safety, SDCS will include a red siren that you place beside your pool. The siren will begin to sound 5 minutes prior to delivery alerting you to the incoming delivery. Once the siren begins to ring, it is strongly recommended that all swimmers leave a 50 foot radius around the body of water, as chemicals tend to blow in the wind or could be dispensed on top of people who are swimming in the pool. Sutro has also developed a smartphone app that will alert you to the incoming chemical drop.

The SDCS is also beta testing a service that will use the same drones, combined with cutting edge AI to pull kids out of the pool who may be urinating. This service is still in testing, but if you would like to sign up, please email us at

Alex Mohring,
Head of Marketing at Sutro
(415) 878-6555
email us here




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