L’Oreal Branding – Employing A Strategic Approach

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Who hasn’t heard of L’Oreal brands? The company has indeed made its ventures successful – concentrating only on core products lines as hair care, hair color, skin care, color cosmetics and fragrances.

L’Oreal branding has become very successful in influencing local markets on the value their products provide and the distinction these hold over other beauty products. On each country they go to, they properly position their products according to the type of market they are at.

L’Oreal branding is very conscious of the specific needs of the market and what images or perceptions are adored by the people in that place – they use the information they have to properly come up with marketing programs and promotions with an appropriate theme suited for the country of concern.

L’Oreal branding makes use of their research centers in order to get market information and details. In fact L’Oreal branding is famous for letting their own brands compete against each other in the market – thereby having each brand’s research center competing against each other as well – with the hope that in the process of self-competition, they also beat their competition.

L’Oreal branding can be considered smart and tough. They make sure that they are always on their toes, and are never satisfied with the success they are deemed to have already accomplished. Innovations, stemming out from their staff’s creativity, are always encouraged. Their staff is not allowed to rest on their laurels – always imposing a healthy self-doubt so that they will always be one step ahead of their competition.

With its success with Maybelline, which they took over in 1996 – improvement in sales was achieved after the first year alone – a feat only the types of L’Oreal branding can do. Acquisitions of other small to medium sized cosmetics companies are their means of covering a wider range of market in different parts of the globe. With their innovative ways of improving brand images and effective ways of positioning these in the market, they have been successful in improving the bottom line of companies they have acquired.

L’Oreal branding is a prime example of global branding at its finest. And while some may relate global branding to a one common theme and one common image – much like making use of family branding technique – L’Oreal’s branding is much more. With the flexibility they put in place, their branding is global in scope but has that local appeal – making L’Oreal branding one admired by many.


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