Finding the right color lipstick for a given outfit can be a real chore sometimes

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For a while, I thought urban decay lipstick was the best brand. Then I switched around, tried some of the more expensive, the more showy, the younger, and the older brands. Finally, I realized they were all the same. The brand doesn’t matter. Every lipstick color is different. The more you learn about cosmetic color, shading, skin pigmentation, and all the rest, the harder it is to pick out the right one.

I got to the point where I was so frustrated with having to match every aspect of my outfit that I gave up on cosmetics and make up completely. I would not wear lipstick color for several months from that point, and found the whole experience rather liberating. After all, it was my life and my lips, and I was not going to stress out about something as trivial as which color to put on my face.

It took me a long time to get back into lipstick color. I was against fashion generally for a long time. If people couldn’t see me for who I was, that was their problem. Why would I bother to dress myself up just to impress? I did not use a single lipstick color until I met a new friend who showed me the joys of dressing up. She was a very self-confident woman, but loved to get dressed up in nice clothing and makeup. She said it made her feel free, and that it was an adventures to get to play with all of the styles. Once she made me see it from her perspective, I could not help but agree.

If you have as much trouble with picking out the perfect lipstick color as I used to, I suggest that you find a friend who can give you some good fashion advice. Some people are just naturally good at picking out the right lipstick, the right makeup, and the right clothes. It is always nice to know at least one of these people.


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