Finding an original and welcome gift for a woman can be a real challenge

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Most of us have seen one of these beautiful items in the movies or in images from magazines. It’s common to see a mirrored dresser tray in pictures that depict a woman’s parlor from the turn of the century. Back then the tray was designed to hold items such as perfume bottles and silver hairbrushes. Today a mirrored dresser tray can be used to hold everything from make-up to jewelry.

There are really two very different types of trays that can be used on top of a dresser. The first is the antique mirrored dresser tray. This is an authentic version that is likely one hundred or more years old. You aren’t going to find these at your local mall but you can often find them inexpensively other places. Estate sales are usually hiding a few of these treasures and unless the seller sees the charm in the mirrored dresser tray you are likely going to be able to pick it up for just a few dollars. Of course the condition will have an impact on the price, but if you are buying it not for show but for use, a few minor scratches or a chip won’t be an issue for you.

Some cosmetic companies of today are recognizing the beauty of this item from yesterday. They are reintroducing the mirrored dresser tray with their cosmetics lines. You can find these being offered as bonus incentives when purchasing certain cosmetics. A mirrored dresser tray may also be available as a holiday gift item that is added-on to a fragrance purchase. It does make a nice addition to any beauty gift and the woman receiving it will certainly appreciate it.

In the event that you decide to become a full-fledged collector of this unique and unusual feminine item, consider scouring the online auction sites. They are home to many mirrored dresser trays and it’s not unusual to find one being offered for a very reasonable price. Often, when someone discovers one of these trays in the attic of a family member who has passed they will simply sell it with the hope of making a few dollars. For a novice collector finding one that can be restored is a great way to add to what they may already have. With a little tender loving care they can often have it looking brand new in no time at all, which obviously helps to increase its value in every sense.


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